Lawn Grates

Innovative and environmentally friendly productintended for surface reinforcement and stabilisation.

Garden Edgings

New and multi-purpose surface finishing product, defining paths and separating lawn from aggregate, bark or concrete sett paving.

Parking Markers

Product for defining spaces and marking parking bays on surfaces made from lawn grates.

Assembly Pins

Adapted to assembly Stella Green edgings, geotextile and anti-mole net.

Stella Green Grate

Innovative and environment-friendly product intended to reinforce and stabilize the surface. The product has been used for many years not only in Poland but also abroad as an alternative for heavy openwork slabs, concrete sett, asphalt or other types of hard-surfaced paving.
The product is made of recycled plastics.

  • - Stella green grate may be used not only in construction industry but also in gardens, leisure places or house surrounding premises.
  • - Car parks.
  • - Access roads to housing complexes, office buildings, production facilities, wholesalers.
  • - Manoeuvring yards.
  • - Access paths to garages.
  • - Reinforcement of roadsides.
  • - Caravan stands.
  • - Paths and pedestrian paved areas in parks.
  • - Protecting space around trees growing along the pavements.
  • - Reinforcing edges of drainage ditches.
  • - Protecting slopes against erosion.
  • - Golf courses, playgrounds.
  • - Animal enclosures.
  • - High system patency allowing quick rainwater discharge.
  • - High pressure resistance – type I 160tons/m²; type II 240tons/m²; type III above 300tons/m².
  • - Efficient grate stabilisation in the ground through keys located in the grate’s lower part.
  • - Efficient reinforcement of slopes or inclines (roots grow through grate openings).
  • - Low-weight.
  • - Weather resistance.
  • - Short assembly and disassembly time.
  • - Heave-duty through “honeycomb” structure.
  • - Prevents ground compacting and ruts forming.
  • - Plants covered surface (nearly 100%) increase biologically active area.
  • - Permeable surface, eliminates water discharge expenses.
  • - Low assembly cost. As much as 30% of concrete sett laying costs.
  • - Thanks to integrated structural geotextile protected against pressing gravel into the substrate and grass and weed growing.
  • - Very simple to assembly it oneself.
Environment impact
  • - Harmless for environment and neutral for ground waters
Chemical resistance
  • - The product is acid resistant, lye resistant (road salt, ammonia, acid rains, etc.) and alcohols resistant .
Technical data
Dimensions 50cm x 50cm (+ - 2%) height. 4 and 5 cm (+ - 5%)
Colour Green and black
Number of fasteners 8 pieces
Number of anchoring pins 4 pieces
Weight of 1 piece 1,05 kg (+ - 11%)
Material PE, PP copo
Resistance 160t/m2, 240t/m2 and above 300t/m2

Declarations of Compliance:

STELLA GREEN road and lawn grate.

The quality of manufactured lawn grates, garden edgings and other solutions, available in our offer is approved by certificates and producer’s declarations. Stella green products were granted, among others, a technical approval, issued by the Road and Bridge Research Institute, positively evaluating our product and its suitability to be used in various construction projects.


All products are compliant with European Union requirements, as well as adapted to specific requirements of biologically active surfaces, ensuring their highest load resistance and high durability.

The intended use in construction industry and traffic engineering is compliant with technical approval of IBDiM No. AT/2012-02-2876, issued on 01-08-2012 by the Road and Bridge Research Institute, Warsaw.

Stella Green Edgings

Stella Green Edgings Garden /lawn/ edgings are made from plastics. The material in 100% comes from recycling. The edging is distinguished with high flexibility and elasticity, allowing it to be shaped in desired curves. The product can successfully replace traditional concrete models, being at the same time more environmentally-friendly and aesthetic. We offer you plastic garden and lawn edgings, as they prove to be working well with the majority of surfaces. They have nice and aesthetic appearance and wide application. Their assembly and disassembly operations are very simple, and they are highly resistant to harmful weather conditions and mechanical damage. Product is available in our offer in two dimension versions: length - 80cm , height – 4.5cm and 6cm.

  • - Paths.
  • - Perimeter drainage around a house.
  • - Decorative and protective strip around trees and bushes.
  • - Separating lawn from bark/aggregate.
  • - For many types of surface: bark, lawn, aggregate, concrete and granite setts.
  • - Possibility to obtain any shape of paving.
  • - Simple and fast assembly - no need for specialised tools.
  • - Alternative for physically and optically heavy concrete edgings.
  • Edgings shall be laid on ground and profiled to demanded shape. They shall be joined together and anchored to surface using assembly pins.
Technical Data
  • - Length: 800 cm
  • - Height: 4,5 cm / 6 cm
  • - Weight: 0,27 kg/ pc. / 0,32 kg/pc.
  • - Colour: dark green (khaki) , black
  • - Material: PE PP - 100 % recycled plastic
  • - Product is acid resistant, lye resistant (road salt, ammonia, acid rains, etc.) and alcohols resistant.

Parking and road markings

Markings are excellent way to mark parking spaces, very helpful not only at car parks or manoeuvring yards but also for defining roads, bicycle paths, also in gardens or on lawns. Parking markings are supplementing lawn grate and ideally match their structure. They are in white so they are visible from distance, even in poorly lit places. The product is very resistant to mechanical impact and changing weather conditions, UV radiation, soil bacteria and chemicals.

  • - Car parks for passenger vehicles and cargo vans.
  • - Separating pedestrian traffic from bicycle traffic.
  • - Marking the road centreline.
  • - Marking the handicapped spaces.
Technical Data
  • Material PE , PP copo
  • - Colour – white
  • - Dimensions: 70mm diameter
  • - 4 assembly fasteners

Assembly pins

Adapted to assembly Stella Green edgings, geotextile and anti-mole net.

Technical Data
  • Material PE, PP copo
  • Height – 25 cm
  • Colour black